🌟 Introducing UFAP GlobalPass: Elevate Your Artistic Journey with Unmatched Security and Credibility 🌟

We're excited to announce an incredible partnership between UFAP (United Fine Artists of the Philippines) and FilPass (system provider of UFAP GlobalPass), a Singaporean-Philippine company specializing in secured data wallet solutions for data integrity, authentication, and credibility.

What is UFAP GlobalPass? UFAP GlobalPass is a game-changer for the arts industry. It functions as a Secured Data Wallet that securely holds all your certificates, membership details, IDs, and even Certificates of Authentication for your personal artworks. Imagine having a safety vault for all your credentials as an artist, accessible to be viewed only to those you grant permission to. This revolutionary concept brings a new level of trust and authenticity to the world of art.

How does it work? Through UFAP GlobalPass, you retain complete access to view control over your documents and certificates. GlobalKnowledge, a trusted partner, will handle the secure upload of authenticated documents or those with proof of authentication. You decide who can access to view your safety vault, ensuring the validity and credibility of your documents are maintained.

Benefits of UFAP GlobalPass: ✨ An annual fee of only P1,500, including UFAP Global membership. ✨ Access to exclusive benefits:

  • Free participation in 3 Group Exhibits at GK Gallery Tagaytay or GK Mandaluyong.
  • Free 3 art training modules (digital/recorded video) with Certificates.
  • 3% discount for 1 Trimester enrollment at GK College.
  • 10% discount for 2-Year Programs (applies to the first payment).
  • Digital ID for easy verification.
  • 10% discount for a Solo Exhibit at GK Gallery Tagaytay.
  • 1-year subscription to UFAP GlobalPass.

Join the Revolution! Embrace this groundbreaking opportunity to safeguard your artistic journey and gain unparalleled credibility. With UFAP GlobalPass, you're not just protecting your art; you're securing your legacy. Don't miss out – join now and be part of the future of art!

For inquiries and registration, visit www.UFAP-Global.com; email: noel@gkphilippines.com or Call +63916-2921470.